Environmental Health & Safety Policy Statement

Precision Aerospace Corporation is committed to conducting its operations in pursuit of excellence to workplace safety and protection of the environment. We recognize that we have a responsibility to achieve quality products and sustain growth of our business with continual improvement in our Environmental Health & Safety performance. Therefore, it is this organization's policy to provide and maintain the most effective environmental control procedures, to follow all applicable legal requirements, and to do everything feasible to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees.

To accomplish this, Precision Aerospace Corporation will endorse and promote the following goals:

  • PAC will integrate Environmental Health and Safety affairs and considerations into our business standards and practices.
  • PAC will instill and educate in all levels of our organization a keen sense of responsibility, awareness and accountability for following sound Environmental Health and Safety practices.
  • PAC will identify, evaluate, and control potential Environmental health and Safety risks, and implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • PAC will continually improve our processes and systems to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and materials. We expect our vendors and suppliers that provide goods and services to us to be equally committed in our pursuit of responsible environmental stewardship
  • PAC will work proactively in our community to ensure we are sensitive and responsive to the public environmental concerns.

We recognize that perseverance is an essential ingredient in the commitment we have made and the challenge we have taken in leading Precision Aerospace Corporation in the direction of long term positive development in environmental management practices.

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Last Modified:  May 26, 2005